Student Resources



MyPass is a website for students to get a variety of information about their academic records.  While students are still in school, they can get a detailed list of course and marks, information of their progress towards a diploma, view Diploma exam marks, and register to write or rewrite diploma exams.  Once students have graduated, they can use MyPass to order official transcripts and order additional copies of credentials (diploma or certificate.)

In order to get an account on MyPass you can go through the process of having them send you a signup letter or you can do it with the school's assistance.  These instructions are to do it through the school.


  1. Through your advisory teacher or Ms. Thibeault in student services share a non-school email that you will use to log into MyPass.  Make sure you know the password for the email (many students forget the password as they just have their phone remember it. The reason we want a non-school email is so you can still have access to MyPass when you finish school.

  2. Your advisory teacher will share your Alberta Student ID with you when MyPass will be ready for you to login.  Or you can locate it on your report card (9 digit number).

  3. Use a web browser other than Chrome (Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer or FireFox).

  4. Go to Mypass.

  5. The first screen should look like the one below.  Click on the Blue button that says "Sign in with Education Account >>"

  6. The page should now look like the one below.  Log in with your email you submitted and the password for that emaiMyPass2.PNG

7. You should next get taken to the following page.


8. Enter your 

    1. Alberta Student ID
    2. Date of Birth 
    3. select "The Student" where it says "You Are"
    4. "No" where it says "Have you received a signup access code?"
    5.  Once you click on the Activate Connection button you should now have a working MyPass account.