Mathematics 9 is a required course for all grade 9 students.

Mathematics -1
Is for students who plan to enter post-secondary programs such as engineering, mathematics, sciences, some business studies, or other programs that require advanced math skills.  The sequence is a co-requisite for Mathematics 31 and may be required for post-secondary calculus courses.  Please Note: To continue with the dash-one stream a mark of 70% or greater is recommended.

Mathematics -2
Is for students wishing to study at the post-secondary level in diverse fields, including arts programs, civil engineering technology, medical technologies, and some apprenticeship programs.  This path will fulfill most students' needs.  Mathematics-2 is designed with a great deal of flexibility, so that the student can switch sequences in Grade 11 or Grade 12 if his or her interests change.  Please Note: to continue within the dash-two stream a mark of 60% or greater is recommended.

Mathematics -3
Is for students who want to apprentice to a trade or enter the workforce directly after high school.  It is designed to meet the entrance requirements for apprentices in most trades programs, specifically levels one to three.


Post-secondary institutions set their own high school math requirements for entrance to different programs.  If you have an interest, you should research its current requirements.  If you have questions, see your current teacher or Student Services, and discuss your selections with your parents or guardians.