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Charles Spencer High School is a Grade 9-12 school with 1050 students and 75 staff. The school opened in September of 2014 within the Community Knowledge Campus. This location gives the school and our students access to world-class recreational facilities to enhance learning at our school.

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The catchment area of our school is the following neighbourhoods: Mission Heights, Pinnacle Ridge, O'Brien Lake, Kensington, Country Club Estates and Countryside South. Our school is named after Charles E. Spencer one of Grande Prairie's first real estate agents, a builder, a member of the first Library Board, a founding member of the Board of Trade, a Hospital Board member, Chairman and/or Secretary-Treasurer of the Grande Prairie School District #2357, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of the Juvenile Court, and town councillor. Charles Spencer Biography.

As a result, our collective goal for our students is that they leave Charles Spencer High School with experiences that allow them to both identify their goals in life and provide them with the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to make them a reality. Our teachers and students are actively engaged in positively influencing the local and global communities in which they live. 

At Charles Spencer High School everyone is a Maverick!  
Our vision is to inspire all students to be a Maverick; "a unique character, an inspired or determined risk-taker, forward-looking, creative, eager for change, someone who propels Alberta in a new direction or who alters the social, cultural or political landscape"  – Aritha Van Herk, Author. 

Principal's Message

​Welcome to Charles Spencer High School, Home of the Mavericks! 

Charles Spencer is now into its 10th year of operation. Since opening in September 2014, we have consistently expanded our course offerings to meet the growing interests of our students in traditional academics, career and technology courses and other interesting enrichment electives.  We further support students with an exceptional team in the areas of Academic Support, English Second Language Learning, Inclusive Education and Indigenous Support. All students in every grade are assigned to an Advisory teacher, with whom they stay for their entire high school program, to guide and support them through to graduation. 

On behalf of all the staff at Charles Spencer, we look forward to meeting you!

Jason Wall


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​School Council our Partners in Education

Parents can get involved with our School Council, more information can be found HERE

​School Council meets eight times throughout the school year on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.  (There are no School Council meetings held in December or June)

School Council Chair contact information and meeting information can be found HERE

At Charles Spencer High School we...

strive to create a community where all stakeholders have voice and contribute.  Our school focus is on high quality instruction and learning, and student growth and wellbeing.  We believe that student achievement is increased when there are strong relationships within our school community.  We continue to develop a culture that promotes Connection, Belonging and Celebration. 

We are the receiving high school for students from Ecole Montrose, Derek Taylor, Aspen Grove and Isabel Campbell schools.  Charles Spencer offers comprehensive programming from the Alberta Education curriculum, including a number of locally developed courses which were chosen to appeal to student learning needs and interests. There are opportunities for students through our Programs of Choice in the areas of French Immersion, Academy Athletics and elite sports programming in Dance, Soccer, Hockey and Golf through The Academy. It has been a tradition for students to be involved in a school musical each year. Charles Spencer also offers Knowledge and Employability (K&E) programming.  Off-campus opportunities are available to our students through Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP) and Dual Credit opportunities which provide students the ability to earn both high school and post-secondary credits at the same time. 

Our School Education Plan is focused on:

Priority: High Quality Instruction and Learning
Outcome: Whole school community involved in preparing students for lifelong learning and the world of work.
Outcome: Provide a learning environment that supports success for all students.

Priority: Student Growth and Well-being
Outcome: Safe, caring and inclusive learning environment where students' physical, mental and emotional needs are supported.
Outcome: Promote the Maverick Culture - perseverance, pride, creativity, innovation and pushing boundaries. 

To see our full School Educational Plan and Results Report - Click HERE

Programs of Choice Offered at Charles Spencer High School

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The Academy where a passion for sport or fine art can positively drive a passion for education and character development. The goal is to integrate excellence in education, athletics, and positive character development in every day of our student-athletes’ educational experience.

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