Health Sciences

The Health Sciences program is for grade 10-12 students interested in gaining knowledge and practical skills that will be beneficial in the pursuit of a health-care related career.  The course focus will rotate from year to year to highlight health sciences in 3 key areas: Health Sciences in the Community, Health Sciences in the Medical field and Health Sciences in Sport.  Within these 3 areas, students will gain knowledge on injury management, the effects of sport on society, as well as basic principles of anatomy, physiology and disease.  Students will also focus on volunteering opportunities, professional ethics and basic safety and reporting protocols.


Fitness provides students with the opportunity to further develop their physical fitness, to get a competitive advantage in their athletics.  The course is also for students wanting simply to get healthy and active!  Course work includes cardiovascular training, muscular fitness, flexibility, fitness testing, and nutrition. 

*Students registered in Academy Athletics 9 & 10 are not eligible for Fitness as it is part of those courses.

Fitness 10 (3 credit)
Fitness 20 (5 credit)
Fitness 30 (5 credit)


Throughout this series of courses, students will learn the theory and practice of Uoga.  We will spend time developing a practice that students will be able to continue and incorporate into their lives as a form of mental and physical wellness.

Yoga Fitness 15 (5 credit)
Yoga Fitness 25 (5 credit)
Yoga Fitness 35 (5 credit)

*Yoga Fitness 15 is a prerequisite for Yoga Fitness 25
**Yoga Fitness 25 is a prerequisite for Yoga Fitness 35


Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor Pursuits has been designed to meet the needs of students interested in experiencing and learning about the outdoors.  The courses cover a variety of topics and are designed to prepare students to become confident, knowledgeable, safe, and responsible caretakers of the outdoor environment.  Interested students should also be prepared to be involved in a wide variety of outdoor activities involving inherent risks and should be prepared to accept a great deal of personal responsibility to minimize these risks.  There may be field trip fees in addition to the course fee.

Outdoor Pursuits 9

Outdoor Pursuits 10 (5 credit)
Outdoor Pursuits 20 (4 credit)