Service and Trades

Automotive Technology

Students will study modern automotive technology and design through both practical and theoretical methods.  A course fee applies.

Basic Automotives 9 (Basic Automotive 9 is NOT a prerequisite for Junior Automotive)

Junior Automotive (3 credit)
Senior Automotive (3 credit)

Construction and Design

Students in construction and design courses will learn skills and knowledge related to the construction trades.  They will become skilled in the use of tools and materials while focusing on the integration of theory with practical applications.  A course fee applies.

Construction and Design 9 (is NOT a prerequisite for Junior Construction)

Junior Construction (3 credit)
Junior Construction is a pre-requisite for Senior Construction

Senior Construction (3 credit)
Senior Construction can be taken in multiple terms in a school year.


Students develop knowledge and skills in the use of basic hand tools and materials used in fabrication processes, and safely transform common metals into useful products.  Senior Fabrication extends knowledge and skills beyond the introductory level.  A course fee applies.

Junior Fabrication (3 credit)

Senior Fabrication (3 credits)

Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Nails

From developing personal grooming and styling practices to building a career launch straight out of high school, Cosmetology has it all!  These courses offer full technical training in all aspects of the cosmetology trade, including hairstyling, waxing specialist, brow and lash tint and lift, pedicuring, spray tan, make-up, lash tech, skin care and manicuring.  Students training in this area are well-prepared for employment in the industry after they lave high school.  Cosmetology 9 is a beneficial "taster course", but is no required to take Cosmetology 10.  Once is COS 10, students begin earning credits that can be applied towards an apprenticeship blue book and eventual Journeyman Certificate and Red Seal in the Hairstyling Trade.  Course fees apply, BUT - ALL courses needed to become a working apprentice can by completed at Charles Spencer!  If all modules designated as apprenticeship courses are completed prior to leaving high school, students can receive credit for completing the theory component of the Hairstylist Apprenticeship and move into a career as they finish their apprenticeship hours and work towards Journeyman Certification.  Our COS teachers are both proud Red Seal Journeymen and take great pride in preparing students for this exciting career path!

Students not interested in hair, but all other aspects of cosmetology should consider Aesthetics or Nails.  Students will learn skin care, pedicures, makeup, manicure, or nail art and artificial nails.  These are general guidelines and specific course content is subject to change.

Cosmetology 10 (3 credit)
Cosmetology 20 (10 credit)
Cosmetology 30 (10 credit)

Aesthetics (3 credit)
Nails (5 credit)


Introductory course covering basic fabricating, servicing, construction of electronic and electromagnetic devices.  Principles of electrical energy conversion and distribution are covered.  Along with the construction of different types of alternating and direct current power supplies.

Electrotech (3 credit)


Students in the Foods program gain valuable skills in d expertise in the art and science of cooking.  Courses include meal preparation and planning, culinary skills, as well as safety and sanitation training.  Completion of the foods program can lead to apprenticeship programs in the foods industry.  Each course runs for one quarter (10 weeks).  A course fee applies.

Foods 10 (4 credit)
Foods 20 (4 credit)
Foods 30 4 credit)

*Foods 10, 20 and 30 are each 4 credits, though students can earn more credits by completing additional modules.