French Immersion

At Charles Spencer High School, we're proud to offer a dynamic French Immersion program as part of our dual-track English and French education. This Program of Choice is designed for new and continuing students for a welcoming and enriching bilingual learning experience.

Enrollment Opportunities:

  • New Students: If you have previous French Immersion experience and are new to Grande Prairie Public School Division (GPPSD), you can register directly for our program following a brief consultation with an academic adviser.

  • Current Student within GPPSD: Those currently enrolled in French Immersion at École Montrose and looking to continue into high school will receive course selection assistance from our Academic Adviser.

Our Curriculum: Grades 9-12 will have 50-80% of their time allocated to French language instruction, dependent on grade and course selection. Provided there is sufficient enrollment in French Immersion courses, the following courses will be offered in French:

  • Grade 9
    • All core courses, excluding electives, are taught in French.

  • Grade 10
    • French Language Arts 10
    • Mathématiques 10C
    • Science 10
    • Études Sociales 10
    • Éducation Physique 10
    • Carrière et Vie (Career and Life Management)

  •  Grade 11
    • French Language Arts 20-1/20-2
    • Études Sociales 20-1/20-2
    • Mathématiques 20-1
    • Mathématiques 20-2
    • Science 20
    • Biologie 20
    • Chimie 20
    • Physique 20

  • Grade 12
    • French Language Arts 30-1/30-2
    • Études Sociales 30-1/30-2
    • Mathématiques 30-1
    • Mathématiques 30-2
    • Biologie 30
    • Chimie 30
    • Physique 30

  • Elective Courses 
    • French Vernacular
    • Art Dramatique
    • Psychologie

Join us at Charles Spencer High School for a comprehensive and immersive bilingual education that prepares students academically, socially, and emotionally for their future. 

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If you need more help, please call our school at 780-513-3200 or contact us.