Physical Activity & Wellness Courses

Physical Education

Physical Education 9 is a required course for all grade 9 students.

Physical Education 10-20-30
(Physical Education 10 is a required course to obtain an Alberta High School Diploma) 
These courses offer students exposure to life-time sports and recreational activities from a variety of team and individual sports and activities.  Each level has higher expectations and more in-depth study and participation. 

Physical Education 10T This is an alternative course for students who cannot schedule the 5 credit PE course, would like to try alternative units or would prefer segregated classes.  It offers the 3 credit minimum graduation requirements, segregated boys' and girls' classes, and student in put into unit selection.

Applicable to all Physical Education courses is the possibility of doing some activities off-campus.  PE 20 and 30 have a fee attached to each course.