Second Languages

French and Spanish

French 9
French 10-3Y 
(5 credit)
French 20-3Y (5 credit)
French 30-3Y (5 credit)

Spanish 10-3Y (5 credit)
Spanish 20-3Y (5 credit)
Spanish 30-3Y (5 credit)

Why study a foreign language?  Here are some reasons:

1. Impress People: People who can speak more than one language are impressive.  Period.
2. Develop Confidence: Learning a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a serious confidence booster.
3. Increase Your Brain Power: Studies suggest that students who study foreign languages score higher in math and reading.
4. Enhance Travel: When you visit other countries, knowing the local language will make the experience so much better!
5. Improve Your Employability: In our increasingly globalized world, companies and organizations value people that can speak more than one language.
6. Study or Live Overseas: Knowing a foreign language can open up incredible opportunities to study and work in other countries.
7.Open Your Mind: Learning foreign language will enrich your understanding of other cultures and allow you to see your world from a different perspective.
8. Discover New Culture: You can learn a lot about a culture, but you never really understand it until you learn the language.
9. Meet New People: Developing life-long friendships with speakers of another language is an amazing experience.

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