Accessing Forms – SchoolEngage

PowerSchool Student/Parent Portal Navigation menu SchoolEngage icon circled

SchoolEngage is the program that hosts our online forms.

For current families (parents/guardians with children currently attending a GPPSD School) log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal then select SchoolEngage on the left Navigation Menu

Through SchoolEngage parents/guardians can:

  • Register new students
  • Apply for busing
  • Apply for Programs of Choice
  • Update Student Information
  • Complete other forms - Registration Update, Are You Returning, and more.

Any outstanding forms parents/guardians will receive an email indicating there is a form to complete for their student.

Once you have the SchoolEngage home page on your screen, click on Students in the left navigation menu and complete the form required which will be listed on the right menu

For more Help videos and documents visit the Grande Prairie Public School Division

Help videos and documents

SchoolEngage Home Screen

SchoolEngage home page and navigation menu Expand Image

The SchoolEngage Home screen will allow you to navigate to your student(s) by selecting Student in the left Navigation menu.

Once Student is selected you can view forms on the right menu for each child.

or Add Student if you need to add a new child to your profile

A red circle in the Student Menu will indicate action on a form is required for a student.

The Notification in the center of the page will indicate if you have any tasks that need to be completed.

Need Help?

For more specific information on completing forms visit the Grande Prairie Public School Division

Help videos and documents